Hello! I'm

Endy Hardy.

Software Engineer in Jakarta
ReactJS, React Native, Laravel
Lookin' Good 🎉

I develop web and mobile applications for humans, using Laravel, ReactJS and React Native. I currently work as a mobile app developer at Glints Singapore for rising start-up, Stranger Soccer.

I've been developing software for 6 years now and more recently just over 2 years for mobile apps, and I'm glad to say I'm quite good at it. I've tried many languages and frameworks over the years and I have to say, Laravel and ReactJS are my go-to tools.

Aside from the coding mumbo-jumbo, I love to design stuff. From UI and UX design, iconography, to printed and digital media, I just adore good designs and strive to bring good design to all my projects.

I live in the city of Tangerang, Indonesia, with my wife Tiza and my son Danish. On my spare time, I like to work on side projects, go swimming, and play mobile games.

Thanks for visiting!

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